Viol Consorts a7 & a8

Here are all of the 7 and 8 part consorts for different combinations of viols.

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This lovely motet can be performed on all viols, or with a mixture of voices and viols. The parts have alternatives so that at least 3 combinations of viols can be used. Score & parts. Ideal for workshops or performance.




I originally published this in 2001 in my "print on demand:" series. But I've reset this in Sibelius and done it as a new edition. Score and parts. Can be played on 3 tenors and 5 bass viols (or with violone on Bass 8), or 3 violas, 4 cellos and double bass for those with modern instruments. Lovely piece.



This and its following companion edition will be a boon to all viol workshop organisers, as well as growing student ensembles and performers. Volume 1 has four lovely seven part pieces - TrTrTrTTBB or TrTrTTTBB (there's an alto clef part included for the 3rd line to help with flexibility). Music by Thomas Morley, Franz Tunder, Orlando di Lasso and Mattheu Le Maistre. Score and parts.




Two glorious seven part pieces for TrTrTr/TTTBB viols. Ambrosio Cotes' passionate homage on the death of King Philip II of Spain - Mortuus est Philippus Rex, and Claude Le Jeune's setting of the famous Susanne un jour. Substantial works. Score and parts, with alternative 3rd line in alto clef.




Two lovely early In Nomines by Robert Parsons. TrTrTBBBB. These pieces deserve to be heard and will be wonderful for performance or for workshop use. Edited from the sole complete surviving source in the British Library, with a critical commentary. Score and parts. Audio is of In Nomine no. 1.




Two more lovely seven part pieces by Andrea Gabrieli. "Tirsi morir volea" and "Io mi sento morire" are from the 1587 posthumous publication by his nephew Giovanni, entitled Concerti di Andrea et di Gio. Gabrieli. Score and parts with full texts. This is glorious music.




Vecchi's "Dolcissima mia vita" and "Stavasi Aminta", two secular 7 part madrigals now available for viols, or add a few voices if preferred. Beautiful music. Score and parts.




Two lovely sacred pieces: "Domine Deus, Meus" and "Iudica me" from the 1587 publication Concerti, il primo libro are ready to play. Score and parts, texts included. Perform with all viols or with some voices.




Two more glorious pieces in 7 parts from Andrea Gabrieli. This is a pair of madrigals, though they are titled "Concerti". Score & parts.