Louis Bégin's story ...

I have been making bows since 1981. I now offer many different models, all of them inspired by my research on original bows. My bows are used by many professional musicians all over the world : in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

After getting my diplomas of conservatory study on viola da gamba with Wieland Kuijken in Brussels Royal Conservatory, I returned to an active and rewarding life as a working performing musician in my native Canada. I also taught viola da gamba and chamber music in several college and university settings. As I became increasingly interested in bow-making, I returned to Europe several times, both to learn from other bow makers but especially to continue my personal study and analysis of original bows in various European museums and private collections. I was fortunate to have the support of the Canada Arts Council for these endeavors. I received in 2001 the Opus Prize : Recognition of an Instrument Maker and I now work exclusively in the area of Baroque bows, with some forays into the so-called Classical era.

An understanding of Baroque bows requires expertise in many areas : musicology, iconography, and the study of original manuscripts, in addition, of course, to a detailed technical analysis of original instruments and bows. My interest and knowledge in all of these areas have combined to enrich my esthetic and practical understanding of early bows.


Bows by Louis Bégin

Saraband Music is now a stockist for fabulous bows by Canadian bowmaker Louis Bégin. Baroque violin, viola and cello, as well as treble, tenor and bass viol bows are coming in every few weeks. Classical era bows may also be available by special order. Please enquire.