Ordering from Saraband Music

Ordering Saraband Music's Editions,
Hammer & Tongs Reproductions and Concertino orchestral music

A majority of pages on this website have ex-GST prices. Where GST is included in the price is clearly marked on the page. Australian residents please add 10% GST.

A printed invoice is included with all orders, and a pdf quote will be emailed to you on request.

All sales are final. Refunds will be given for defective goods if a replacement cannot be organised. No refunds are given for a change of mind.

All bank fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

I respond to all legitimate emails and messages. If you do not receive a response, then I did not get your message. Try another method of contact. And yes, I do check the spam folder every day. Most messages using Facebook Messenger do not get to me, so please email.

Please remember to include your address in your email as my software can't make a quote without it, and I will need it in any case to post your order. Your phone no. is also useful.

Posting within Australia will normally be done using an Australia Post satchel, either ordinary parcel satchel (which now has a tracking number) or express post. These are often cheaper than sending via ordinary parcels. Saraband Music attempts to pack all items securely, and charges postage and packing at cost.

Please note that no price on this website includes postage. The word "inc." refers to GST (Australian tax) only.

If goods arrive damaged, you should take all wrappings and the damaged items to Australia Post as soon as possible. They should assess the damage and refund money as long as the goods were packed properly and it is obvious that damage was caused in transit. Then we can reorder the music for you.

Two methods of mailing are available:
Airmail (10 - 18 days)
Surface mail (up to 3 months or more), only available to certain countries.

Please note that surface mail is no longer available from Australia to the Asia/Pacific region.

Within Australia: Please pay via direct deposit or visit a Commonwealth Bank branch to deposit payment over the counter. Bank details are on the bottom of the invoice which I will email to you.

In the event that a credit card needs to be used, a service fee of up to 2% will be charged to cover the merchant fee. I do not like to do this, but I can't afford not to.

Cheques: Not accepted except where there is absolutely no other possible way to pay. I have to go a long way to get to a branch to deposit this, so I don't wish to accept cheques any more. As I no longer have a bank account called "Saraband Music", please discuss this option with me before sending or I may have to tear up your cheque. It's happened.

Paypal: I no longer have an account with them so not accepted under any circumstnces..


Outside Australia: Visa or Mastercard is still possible, and no fee is charged. No AMEX or Diners accepted.

Wise: Absolutely accepted. This is a great way to pay, but you need to register with Wise first. Please use the following code if you do not have an account with them. https://transferwise.com/u/patricec24 And, please make sure you deposit the money to Zarabanda Pty Limited. Depositing to a personal account does NOT work.

Bank drafts: Yes for overseas customers, but this is an expensive option and I have to travel to deposit it, so only as a last resort please. Please make payable to "The Trustee for the Saraband Trading Trust". Drafts in my own name or to Saraband Music can't be accepted due to rigid government guidelines and banking regulations on depositing cheques.

Bank transfer: Possible, but not recommended. I may not get the amount that I require for your sale. Only to be used as a last resort.

Paypal: I no longer have an account with them so not accepted. They are greedy and take far too much in fees from the payment.


Please do NOT put cash in an envelope and post it.

If you are unable to pay by these methods, please email Patrice for further options. In listing these payment methods I'm trying to create a win/win. Direct deposits and Transferwise have the lowest costs at both ends of the transaction. Keeping my costs low means that I can give you better value by not having to raise prices or charging you extra for fees.

There is no formal ordering procedure. Simply call or email Patrice to discuss your order. If you're a new customer, the info in the next box will be required. Once your order is picked, an invoice will be emailed to you for payment. See options above. Once payment or proof of payment is received, your order will be shipped by the method discussed as soon as possible. Please note that all sales are final. If goods are defective, please contact Saraband for a replacement.

Please give the following information in English. Please make sure details are correct, or your order may be delayed.

Personal: Name, address, country, telephone, email.

Order: Composer, title, price, method of despatch (see above).

Payment: Please see above for Australian and overseas options.


Please note that these are Saraband Music agents for Saraband Music publications only. These shops may also stock other publishers which Saraband Music stocks, but for the purposes of this website, they are agents for my editions only.

These businesses are entirely separate from Saraband Music, and cannot accept payments for goods on Saraband Music's behalf.

Boulder Early Music Shop. Located in Eugene, Oregon and owned by Charlie Ogle. www.bems.com


von Huene Workshop. 65 Boylston St. Brookline, MA 02445 USA. Call Eric Haas for further details on (617) 277 8690 or fax (617) 277 7217.

Email: eric@vonhuene.com
Website: http://www.vonhuene.com/


Theodore Front. 26330 Diamond Place, Unit 170, Santa Clarita CA 91350, USA. Christine Clark and her assistants will help you if you call
(818) 994 1902.

Email: music@tfront.com
Website: www.tfront.com


Recorder MusicMail or Jacks, Pipes & Hammers, run by Ruth & Jeremy Burbidge.
Email them on:

Saraband recorder editions can be purchased at Musiklaedle Schunder in Germany.