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Instruments in stock at Saraband Music

Viols & Violins

Currently Saraband Music has one viol and two baroque violins for sale. The viol is a Charlie Ogle treble viol. Pictures of his available viol models are here. Photos are available if you click on the hamburger icon next to the price below.

  • Charlie Ogle Treble Viol
  • Charlies viol complete
    Treble Viol from Charlie Ogle's Beijing Studio. With well padded bag and snakewood bow $3000
  • Charlies viol neck
  • Charlies case A
  • Charlies viol belly
  • Charlies viol in case
  • Charlies case B
  • Good-violin
    Baroque violin with case, 2015, Chinese, after Klotz. $1200

    No bow included, but a bow can be selected from Saraband's current stock if required. The bow in the photo is for demonstration purposes only.

    This violin has very fine wood on the belly, and has the potential to be quite a good instrument. It does need a few changes to setup which any violin maker can do easily.
  • Good-violin-in-case
    Violin in case
  • Good-violin-front-detail
    Front View
  • Good-violin-back-detail
    Back View
  • Violin-02
    A student quality Chinese baroque violin (same model as previous violin) is also in stock at Saraband Music. Same specifications, but the wood is of lower quality. Case and instrument cost $800. Again, some refinement to the setup is required, which is easily done by any competent violin repairer.

  • Violin-02-in-case
    Violin 2 in case
Charlies viol complete