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La Folia strings

La Folia sheep gut strings

From France/Italy, La Folias are now in stock at Saraband Music. Sheep gut strings suit the upper strings for most instruments (up to 1.60 gauge).

NB. Supply is difficult to obtain, as the factory cannot keep up with orders. Some stock is available at Saraband.

Please order even gauges only up to 1.30. For example, .70 or .72, not .71mm. After this the gauges go up by .05 until 2.0 (eg. 1.40, 1.45 etc), then by .1, (2.10, 2.20, etc.)

Gauges from .58 to .68 are always varnished. From .70 to 1.00, you can choose varnished or unvarnished strings. Gauges thicker than this are always unvarnished.

Generally plain gut strings are high twist. You can order low twist strings for .74, .76 or .78 for the bass viol top string, or 1.16 or 1.18 for a cello top string. Extra high twist strings are also available in certain gauges only for violin, viola and cello D strings. Low twist and extra high twist are special orders only through Saraband Music and are not normally kept in stock.

Lengths 120cm only in thinner strings. 140cm and 180cm available in some thicker gauges, but special order only. Gauges available from .54 to 1.60 in stock. Thicker strings to 340 on request. Please allow plenty of time for manufacture.

Available for violin, viola, cello, double bass, treble, tenor and bass viols. Currently only violin G4 strings in stock at Saraband.

Double bass and violone strings also available. Please ask for a quote, and supply the vibrating and overall string length required, plus pitch A440 or A415.