Michel Corrette and the Organ (1707 - 1795)


In 1995, l'Association des Amis de l'Orgue published Michel Corrette et L'Orgue (1707-1795) by Dr. Yves Jaffrès in their series L'Orgue - Cahiers et Memoires. Prior to its publication, little research had been done on Michel Corrette. Soon after, the Sydney musician and linguist Pastor de Lasala, a friend of M. Jaffrès, made an English translation of the book.

The contents are as follows: following a brief survey of the organ in Paris at the beginning of the 18th century, there is comprehensive biographical information on Michel Corrette, covering his childhood, his arrival in Paris and participation in the Sainte-Madeleine-en-la-Cite competition, his marriage, and his posts at the Paris Temple and Saint-Louis. At all times, Corrette is seen in the context of his contemporaries and his society. There are a number of illustrations, and copious endnotes.

The rest of the book covers Corrette's music in detail. Beginning with The Magnificats, there is then a table of organ suites, followed by analysis of the Premier Livre (1737), The Deuxieme Livre (1750), The Troisieme Livre (1756), The Organ Concertos and the late organ pieces of 1787. Following this is a catalogue of organ works, listing locations and modern editions. After the conclusion, the three appendices cover Corrette's organs, a discography and a bibliography.


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