Charlie Ogle Viols

Saraband Music is the sole Australian agent for Charlie Ogle viols. Charlie is a luthier based in Eugene, OR, who also has a high quality workshop in Beijing.

A number of models of pardessus, treble, tenor, bass viol and violone models are available, as well as baroque violins, violas and cellos. These can be ordered through Saraband Music.

Prices will depend on the model selected, type of bow and case, currency value at the time, freight costs and any custom styling, but will be roughly in line with the cost of ordering direct from Charlie.

Viols will be available at Saraband Music from about November 2024, as there is a waiting list. Please email or call to discuss your needs and order.

Types of viols available from the Charlie Ogle

Beijing Workshop:

Pardessus: 5 string Guersan model, 31 cm string length

Treble viol: standard model, 36 or 38 cm string length available; deluxe model (decorated), also 36 or 38 cm.

Tenor viol: standard or deluxe models, 52 cm string length; standard large model, 60 cm string length.

Bass viol: 8 different models available:

1. Richard Meares 6 string bass, either standard or deluxe, 69 cm string length.
2. Barak Norman 6 string bass, either standard or deluxe, 67 cm string length.
3. Colichon 7 string bass, 70 cm string length.
4. Bertrand 7 string bass, 71 cm string length.
5. John Rose Ashmolean festooned bass viol in either 6 or 7 strings, 73 cm length.
6. John Rose Victoria & Albert Museum 6 string bass viol, 73 cm length.
7. Small 6 string bass viol, 67 cm string length
8. Small 7 string deluxe bass viol, 67 cm string length.

Cases are available in cloth, carbon fibre or fibreglass, depending on what is available at the warehouse.

Snakewood bows available for all sizes of instrument.