Music Consultancy

Patrice Connelly also offers her classical music, research and librarianship skills as a consultant.

Prospective clients could be:

* libraries and library suppliers requiring knowledge and assistance in classical music for sheet music acquisitions, cataloguing queries, CD purchasing and more

* individuals who wish to build a classical music CD library, but who do not feel they have the expertise

* film or radio producers working on a production involving classical music who require serious musical research, sheet music or strings for early instruments

* replacement of classical music collections destroyed by fire, flood or other means

* expansion and weeding of neglected musical collections (books, sheet music, CDs) and subsequent renewal and updating

* schools, colleges or universities wishing to develop a program which involves viola da gamba (purchasing instruments, supplying strings, organising tuition)

* higher degree candidates who require proofreading of a thesis on classical music (Note: I do not write theses or essays for others to pass off as their own)

* editing musical translations into English - for example, website content, CD booklets, concert programs, articles

* anyone who needs my skills as a musician, researcher, ex-librarian, proofreader and retailer.


Please email for an initial assessment. Saraband Music is already busy, and new projects may need to be fitted in.

Fees will be tailored to each client, but as a general indication, the following will apply:

Professional research, choosing music or CDs, writing reports, editing translations, and working in similar capacities: $150 per hour + GST

Proofreading theses: $50 per hour + GST. $80 per hour plus GST for short notice (ie. under a week).

Travel time (outside 35Km radius from home) $45 per hour + GST

National or International travel (at a mutually negotiated time): travel time as above, plus airfares (business class for international), hotel, meals and negotiated fee for work involved. GST does not apply to work outside Australia.

Other charges will depend on the nature, location and timing of the work. Progress payments will be required on jobs of over ten days duration. Contracts will be signed prior to commencement of work.

Please note that I do not take on work which involves pop/rock/jazz or other music, as I have little to no expertise in that area.