Publishers retailed by Saraband Music

As well as publishing Saraband's own editions, Saraband Music retails music from other publishers. While the speciality is early music, all classical music genres are now available through Saraband Music, on special order.

Please note that a selection from these catalogues is available in stock at any time, but this is not a stock listing.

For pricelists, see below.

A selection of pricelists will always be posted here, and updated as regularly as I can manage. These will by no means comprise all of the stock available via Saraband, and you are welcome to enquire about any publisher of classical music.

Catalogues are in pdf format. You need Adobe Acrobat on the computer to view these. It is a free download from If you can't achieve this, see below! If you get a message saying the file is corrupt, you may need to update your version of Acrobat.

October 2019. Various deletions of out of print material, plus new editions added for multiple publishers. As usual, with thousands of items it has not been possible to update all prices. Please take catalogue prices as a guide only. The A$ has fallen and freight costs have risen.

Please note: prices subject to change without notice.


Viol catalogue
(14 pages, uploaded October 2019)
This catalogue contains methods, treatises and history books, viol music in tablature, music for 1-8 viols, Baroque ensemble music for viol consort, consort songs, viol parts of orchestral works, chamber music for viol with other instruments, contemporary music for viols and medieval collections.

String music catalogue
(13 pages, uploaded October 2019)
This catalogue includes lots of treatises, methods and history books, music for violin, viola and cello, duets for mixed strings, chamber music for strings, vocal and choral music with strings and medieval collections.

Wind catalogue
(8 pages, uploaded October 2019)
This catalogue includes treatises and books, music for flute and oboe, early clarinet and bassoon, music for unspecified high instruments, chamber music and medieval collections.

Recorder solo catalogue
(8 pages, uploaded October 2019)
This catalogue includes methods and studies, treatises and history books, easy recorder music, music for unspecified high instruments, recorder solos and duos, and medieval collections.

Recorder consort catalogue
(5 pages, uploaded October 2019)
Jam-packed with music for 3-8 recorders, and a tiny selection of crumhorn music at the end!

Contemporary recorder catalogue
(7 pages, uploaded October 2019)
Music from the 19th-21st centuries for solo, duo and recorder ensembles, including some with voices.

Plucked strings catalogue
(12 pages, uploaded October 2019)
This catalogue includes treatises, tutors and history books, Lute Society of Great Britain student materials, music for lute/theorbo/archlute, contemporary music for lute/guitar, early guitar/vihuela music, music for guitar with flute/recorder/violin, modern guitar music including light and school works, music for voice and guitar/lute,and mandolin music.

Keyboard catalogue
(12 pages, uploaded October 2019)
This catalogue includes methods, treatises and books, basso continuo and accompaniment books, music for harpsichord, fortepiano and organ and Hammer & Tongs Reproductions listing.

Vocal catalogue
(13 pages, uploaded October 2019)
This catalogue includes books and treatises on singing and music history, music for 1-3 voices, Medieval vocal music, including chants, Renaissance ensemble music, music for voices and viols, music for voice and guitar or lute and choral music.

Ensemble music catalogue
(9 pages, uploaded October 2019)
The ensemble music catalogue contains some listings which you'll find in the string, viol and wind catalogues, but a very large amount of music which is not in any of the other lists. It is a single listing of music from trios to large orchestra.

For large works with voices, please see the vocal catalogue.


Just some of the publisher lists available through Saraband are:

ABRSM, Alfred Publishing, Amadeus, Barenreiter, Billaudot, Bosworth, Breitkopf, Carus, Cheap Trills, Chester, Corda, Doberman, Doblinger, Dovehouse, Dover, Durand, Editions Baroque, Edition HH, Edition Walhall, EMB, Eulenberg, Faber, Fentone, Forberg, Fretwork, Fuzeau, Gerig, Girolamo, Guntersberg, Hawthorns, Henle, Heinrichshofen, Hofmeister, Hortus Musicus, Hug, Kunzelmann, Leduc, Lemoine, Lienau, Loux Music, Martha Bishop, McGinnis & Marx, Moeck, Musedita, Nova, OUP, PCH Publications, Peacock Press, Pelikan, Peters, PRB Productions, Prima la Musica, Rondo Publishing, Salabert, Schirmer, Schott, Seicento, Sikorski, Stainer & Bell, Thames, Tree Edition, Universal Urtexts, Ut Orpheus Edition, Vieweg, Violaworld, Vogt & Fritz, ZenOn.
And more are available on request.

Strings from Aquila corde armoniche, Kurschner, La Folia, Toro & Universale