Saraband Ensemble Editions


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Ben Thorn has edited this sonata which can be performed on recorder/violin/flute/oboe with basso continuo. It comes from the first published set of Castello's works, dating from 1629. The continuo part has been realised, and a bass part is also provided.


This sonata is also from the 1629 set and alternative parts are provided for violin/cornetto or recorder/flute. Also edited by Ben Thorn.


This edition by Rosalind Halton is based on two mss in the Santini Collection in Munster. The cantata dates from June 1699. This edition comprises score and parts, with the keyboard part realised. A full translation is also provided.


A cantata for male alto voice, recorder, two violins and b.c. Edited by Rosalind Halton, this is great new repertoire for any countertenor.


From Rosenmuller's 1682 set of 12 sonatas, this lovely work was originally written for two violins & continuo, but it works really well for 3 bass viols, or for 2 bass viols with continuo instruments of your choice. Score and parts, including figures in the score and bass part. The continuo line is unrealised. The two solo lines were simply taken down an octave, and are in alto clef. An interesting work for professional performance.


Purcell's music for the 1691 publication of Dioclesian is famous. This piece originally for 2 flutes and b.c. from Act 3 has been transposed into a suitable key for viols. There's a simple keyboard realisation, or it can be played by 3 viols.



This is a great piece, and while this arrangement was intended for viols, it is perflectly playable on the violin family or a mixture of the two. Score & parts. See the Viol Consorts page for the sample page.


One of Purcell's last masques was The Indian Queen. This edition includes all of the four part music for two violins, viola and cello. The overture, various trumpet aires, and some dances. It could also be played on viols, but does require a slightly extended range.







See also the Viol Consorts page and the Vocal page

Some of the viol consorts are playable by string trios, quartets etc. or possibly recorders.