A Tempest in a Glass of Water.
Gordon J. Kinney's translations of French Renaissance & Baroque viol treatises

Gordon J. Kinney (1905 - 1981) was an extraordinarily prolific scholar who contributed a great deal to knowledge about the viola da gamba and its history. He was a versatile linguist, performer, teacher, composer and translator, who contributed many articles and translations to the Journal of the Viola da Gamba Society of America during the 1960s and 1970s.

This book is a compilation of translations which were published in the JVdGSA, and which have been republished by generous permission of the Board of the VdGSA. It seemed only fitting for Kinney to have the last word, so one of his articles from which the title of this book has been taken, was added.

This book was edited by Patrice Connelly 

Gordon J. Kinney (1905 - 1981). Obituary by Rey M. Longyear
Pierre Trichet: Traite des Instruments de Musique (extract)
Viols and Violins in the Epitome Musicale of Philipbert Jambe de Fer
DuBuisson: Translation and Commentary
The Preface to DeMachy's Solos for the Viol
Danoville's Treatise on Viol Playing
Marin Marais as Editor of his own compositions
Method for learning how to play the viol, by Etienne Loulie
Roland Marais: Rules of Accompaniment for the Bass Viol
Gordon J. Kinney: A Tempest in a Glass of Water

Why is Jean Rousseau's famous treatise not in the book? I would have dearly loved to include it, but Kinney's translation was not published in JVdGSA, and I did not have access to it. If that changes in the future, another book may arise.

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