Saraband Print on Demand

Print on Demand editions are only available on request from Saraband Music, and are printed at the time of ordering to save money. They are normally editions which would not have a commercial audience sufficient to do a normal print run. Sample pages have been provided from some editions (click on the links button to view). These are copyright, and are not necessarily indicative of the standard of difficulty of the whole edition. Prices do not include GST. Australian residents please add 10%. All arranged or edited by Patrice Connelly


This well-known verse anthem has been arranged for four viols (not five as in the original), and in a key to suit viol players at A415, while the choir sings a semitone lower at A440. Score and parts are provided, but the score is only for use with the viols, as it does not represent the vocal parts fully.

Another lesser known, but very beautiful verse anthem. Same type of arrangement as for SPD 1.

This anthem was not originally for viols, and the viol parts have been arranged from the organ part. Same type of arrangement as SPD 1. The soprano parts are very high, and the treble viol parts go above the frets.

A long and very beautiful verse anthem which is not performed nearly often enough. It requires good solo voices, but the viol parts are not so difficult. Same type of arrangement as SPD 1.