Music-themed scarves

Saraband Music stocks music-themed scarves and pashminas which make lovely gifts as well as conversation-starting clothing!

Infinity scarves

These are circular scarves. You could easily undo the seam and make it a long scarf if you wanted, but the circular scarf is versatile. Knot it artistically, or wear it double. They are very soft, lightweight viscose. Various colours: white with black notes, white with navy notes, navy, crimson or green with white notes, grey with black notes etc. $12 each or three for $30

Long scarves

Long scarves with musical symbols. These are very lightweight polyester, in a finer weave than the infinity scarves, a little less soft, but more refined in appearance. They have nicely rolled edges. In white, pale orange and black backgrounds. $12 each or three for $30

Cat Pashminas/shawls

These are a different design with cats scattered through the music. Soft, lightweight viscose, and multiple colours available. Measures approx. 85 x 180cm. $15 each

Abstract music symbol pashminas

Soft, lightweight viscose, available in several colours. Approx. 90 x $15


Piano keyboard motif in stock. $10