Instruments in stock at Saraband Music

Currently Saraband Music has two viols, two baroque violins and one baroque viola for sale.


Tenor viol, Chinese. $3000. With canvas-covered polystyrene case and separate PVC tube bowholder for the snakewood bow. Good tone.




Chinese bass viol, 69cm, with Paxman (2nd hand) hard travelling case, $3000

A few (cosmetic only) scuff marks on the back for the viol. Comes with a snakewood bow. A fairly heavy instrument, but very resonant.


Baroque violin with case, 2015, Chinese, after Klotz. $1200

No bow included, but a bow can be selected from Saraband's current stock if required. The bow in the photo is for demonstration purposes only.

This violin has very fine wood on the belly, and has the potential to be quite a good instrument. It does need a few changes to setup which any violin maker can do easily.

A student quality Chinese baroque violin, same model as above is also in stock at Saraband Music. Same specifications, but the wood is of lower quality. Case and instrument cost $800. Again, some refinement to the setup is required, which is easily done by any competent violin repairer.


Saraband Music also has a student quality Baroque viola in stock. Again, a Chinese copy of a Klotz model. This instrument has had geared pegs fitted for ease of tuning, but still requires minor adjustment to setup. Case, snakewood bow and instrument are $1100.